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Catching rain water for your plants

A simple way to conserve water

We are facing one of the hottest summers and watering plants is becoming harder. Even the summer showers are delayed and sporadic. 

Here is a simple way for to trap the rain water on your terrace and let your plants thrive in the summer too...

1. Get two pots of different sizes such that small one fits partially into the bigger one.

You can use cement pots, buckets or even cut out plastic containers.

Plastic pots with holes at the bottom can't be used for the bottom pot.

2. Make many holes at the bottom of the smaller pot as big as your finger so that you can insert cotton rags.

3. Add cotton rags through the holes with part of it on the top and enough below to touch bottom of the larger pot.

Knot them at the top pot so they don't slide down completely.

Simplest cotton rags are old clothes torn into pieces and rolled into a rope. You can also use the rags from doormats. Use any natural fiber like cotton or jute that can absorb water well. Rags work better than cotton or jute ropes

4. Seal all holes in the bottom pot if any so that water doesn't leak out.
5. Place the smaller pot on top of the larger one.

If the bottom pot is fully sealed, water will not evaporate.
6. Add a piece of pipe through a hole in the smaller pot to water the pot below.
7. Add a mix of soil and compost to the top pot.

Make sure the cotton rags are spread throughout the soil.

They will act as roots bringing water to the top.
8. Sow your favourite seeds in the top.
9. Add water to the bottom pot through the pipe.

Notice that the soil will get moist automatically in a few hours.

If it doesn't, you need more water at the bottom such that the rags dip well into the water.
10. Place it on the roof and come back in a month!

When it rains, water will soak through and collect in the bottom pot.

Plants will use absorb this water as needed. The soil on top will remain moist all the time.

You can do this with any sets of containers like buckets, pots, plastic bottles or even use grow bags for the top pot. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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